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Prazo extentido para entrega de trabalhos do Vienna Congress Paper

There is still time to share…… and to experience spectacular Vienna!
The call for papers for the twenty-fourth IIC Congress is still open and there is still time to share your research, projects and knowledge with your international colleagues gathered in Vienna.
Vienna!  The heart of Europe and the cross-roads where the cultural traditions of the East and the West mingled for millennia. Vienna! Where grand Baroque buildings are reflected in the great river Danube.   Vienna! Where a rich variety of the world’s greatest architectural styles and applied artistry, paintings, drawings, metalwork, photography, sculpture and decorative arts awaits the visitor in spectacular museums and galleries.  Vienna! Home of Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and the Strauss family; heart of the world’s great music, dance and theatre. Vienna! Situated a short distance from Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Brno.  Vienna! A UNESCO World Heritage Site in the beautiful Danube Valley, with its vineyards and monasteries. 

Spectacular VIENNA! Site of the twenty-fourth IIC Congress
from 10th to 14th September 2012

The DECORATIVE: conservation and the applied arts will focus on a topic that is uniquely suited to Vienna’s wealth and variety of decorative and applied arts heritage. Ornament and decoration have been evident in human endeavour since the beginning of human history, ranging from the bold clarity of ancient Egypt to the clean-lined, discreet styles of the 1930s and the exuberant revivals of today. Wherever civilizations have developed, many of their forms of cultural expression can be considered ‘decorative’ or ‘applied’ arts. Wherever this expression is to be found so too are the conservation professionals working to assure its preservation. 

Conservation research and projects reflecting preservation of architectural decoration whether plaster work, mosaic or painting; ceramics from pottery to porcelain; glass, including painted, stained and studio glass; furniture; hardstone carving, including pietra dura and engraved gems; metalwork in all its forms; jewellery; ivory and bone carving; textiles including tapestries, embroideries and costume; mosaics; painted decoration; wallpapers and wall coverings; terracotta; plaster work; bookbinding and leatherwork and more, are all welcome.
The call for papers has been extended to May 24th, 2011. Share your expertise and learn firsthand what your colleagues around the world are doing.  Come enjoy the spectacular treasures of Vienna.  Come join us at the twenty-fourth congress of IIC.  Full details about the congress and how easy it is to submit your proposal are to be found on the http://www.iiconservation.org/congress

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